Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Instant norwegian


 This is a Norwegian language learning guide, which is part of the instant language guides series. Instant language guides present illustrated tourist situations using read-off-the-page speech bubbles, which are designed to help users make the right sounds quickly in any situation. The aim is for people to get what they want, when and where they want by using the local language. Readers are guided through a broad range of situations such as: hotels, flats, campsites, shops and banks, entertainments, road travel and public transport of all kinds and doctors, and given both the phrases they need and a selection of likely replies. The guides are designed for people who have no prior knowledge of any foreign language. They have been used for basic language teaching by a number of adult education institutes as new material can easily be added to the basic framework. The format and approach, including the reduction of grammar to two pages, make participation easy. The guides may also be used with children as they are used to comic-strip presentation.

 Instant Norwegian (Instant Language Guides Series)


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